A great business opportunity exists if you want to run your own business. There are
only a few areas still available around South Africa.

We do have some existing Planet Nail shops for sale. 

Have you identified other areas suitable for opening a shop?
Please email us so we can check for you.  monja@planetnails.co.za

Call Centre Nr : 0861-4-NAILS

Company Name

Planet Nails  

Tel Number

0861-4-NAILS  /  011-496-1369

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Primary Contact

Monja Venter   -  monja@planetnails.co.za 

Postal Address

P.O. Box 84034, Greenside, 2034


Limited areas still available, re-sales of existing stores also available.


Planet Nails was established in 2004 as a wholesaler of professional nail and beauty products to salons and nail technicians, also providing training courses in the field of nails & beauty. We are currently the largest & leading supplier with over 65 stores in South Africa.


Planet Nail stores are located country-wide and each offer 1000+ products related to the nail and beauty industry. Training courses are offered by SETA accredited educators in Acrylic, Gel, Make-up, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Nail Art, .. etc.

Franchisee Profile

Motivated entrepreneur with people skills and a balanced outlook. Some knowledge of the beauty industry beneficial but not required.


Comprehensive training is provided for the owner, staff and educator.


Approximate establishment cost (store setup, stock, training) : R300,000. Recommended additional working capital: R50 000. Marketing, advertising and other costs are carried by the franchisor.

Here follows some additional information and requirements :

1. You need to identify a suitable location for your showroom.  Approx 50-75 sq metres is sufficient. You need approx 50% to be used as a showroom. Training would be divided into 2 different areas - One for Beauty Courses & another for Nail Courses.
2. Are you in an area where there is enough business?  Please also make sure you are not situated too close to another Planet Nails Store. Click here for a list of the existing stores.  If you are close to an existing Planet Nails store, then it will not be viable for you open in that area.
3. Are you already involved in the nail or beauty industry? Having some knowledge of the products can give you a definite advantage.  
4. There may be other additional costs & things to do.  Some of these include :

1) Deposit and the Rent for the 1st month.
2) Changing the keys & locks.
3) Additional painting, tiling & partitioning if needed.
4) Alarm for the shop.
5) Insurance for the shop.
6) Telephone & Internet setup.
7) Computer & Printer.
8) POS (point of sale or accounting) Software.
9) Credit Card machine.
10) Cost of registering a company (close corporation or similar).
11) Registering to pay VAT.
12) Getting a bank account.
13) ..

5. Initially it is not possible to do this part-time. The venture will require all your time in the startup phase. You will also need to consider employing someone to run the shop.
6. The business cannot be run from a nail and/or beauty salon. Clients do not want to collect or have deliveries from someone they may consider a direct competitor.
7. Due to the fact that you will interact with many types of people, it would be an advantage if you were a people person with good communication skills. Be aware that there are many times when you will need to have a lot of patience.
8. Once you and your area have been approved, you will be required to attend a training course where you will be given all the information needed to run your shop successfully. Additional product training, flyers, pricelists & other info is provided at no extra charge. We take care of adding you to our website, providing an email address, new pricelists & other marketing materials.
9. For the training school, the requirements for the educator to complete are as follows :

1) Nail Educator Training Course (4 days).
2) Beauty Educator Training Course (5 days)   covers make-up, waxing/tinting, mani/pedi.
3) Eyelash Extension Educator Training Course (1 day).
4) SETA Assessor & Facilitator Courses. (approx 5 days)

To be a Nail Educator for Planet Nails, you must have completed Nail training courses and have at least 3 years suitable experience as a nail technician.

To be a Beauty Educator, the minimum is that you must have a 2-year diploma .. Cidesco, ITEC or similar.


This is all included (equipment & furniture) - One area for the Nails and another for the Beauty.

Planet Nails has a pool of qualified SETA educators that can assist you if you do not have your own educator. In the long term, it is recommended to have your own full time educator that can also assist in the store and promote training.


For additional info please send your enquiry to distribution@planetnails.co.za

For any other enquiries

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