Over 130 colours available. Blended with three different acrylics, these nail hardeners
maintain a flexibility & resilience that makes the product resistant to chipping &
cracking. A unique product in the nail industry.



Here are the latest updated list of colours we stock ..

Colours not shown have been discontinued.

BR-013 Magenta
BR-014 Dashing Mauve
BR-015 Vamp Red
BR-020 Pink Ice
BR-028 Clear
BR-033 Brown Ice
BR-037 Misty Mocha
BR-038 Platinum
BR-053 Disco Pearl
BR-058 Mono Blue
BR-072 Snow White
BR-078 Garnet
BR-082 Jelly Apple
BR-094 Plum Mist
BR-097 Watermelon
BR-099 Champagne
BR-100 Hot Pink
BR-111 Plain Black
BR-131 Golden Red
BR-134 French Pink
BR-150 Intrigue
BR-154 Sparkle & Spice
BR-162 Berrylicious
BR-176 Outrageous Orange
BR-180 Pink Parfait
BR-190 Lori`s Flame
BR-202 Princess Di
BR-206 Silver Foil
BR-208 Luv Olivia
BR-210 Pink Flamingo
BR-212 Romantic Red
BR-213 Black Cherry
BR-217 Jenna`s Gem
BR-233 Go For Gold
BR-236 So Lilacable
BR-240 Tiramisu
BR-242 Becaboo
BR-258 Tinsel
BR-280 Tempting Toni
BR-281 Jamie Lee`s Jam
BR-284 Nicki Nudes
BR-296 In The Buff
BR-306 Glisten To Me
BR-334 Redwood
BR-355 You Mauve Me
BR-357 French White Tip
BR-358 French Heaven
BR-359 French Opaque
BR-360 French Creme
BR-361 French Bliss
BR-362 French Petal
BR-369 Class Act
BR-371 Bare Essentials
BR-372 Joi`s Lullaby
BR-375 Donna-Mite
BR-377 Absolute Andrea
BR-390 Jaded

BR-392 Purple Haze
BR-397 Bejeweled
BR-400 Tanzanite
BR-403 Pina Colada
BR-406 Mango Taffy
BR-408 Noelle`s Perells
BR-409 Bert`s Blue
BR-410 Typhoon Lagoon
BR-413 Daniella`s Curve
BR-414 Christian Court
BR-417 Blue & Black
BR-418 Johnny`s Girl
BR-419 Baby Me Kyla
BR-421 Rebecca`s Pearl
BR-422 Heidi`s Glow
BR-423 Monja`s Mystique
BR-424 Creme De Cocoa
BR-425 Blue Sapphire
BR-426 Black Emerald
BR-427 Jimmi`s Cognac Gem
BR-428 Kelly`s Sugar Plum
BR-429 Explosive Meteorite
BR-430 Grape Galaxy
BR-431 O`So Brite Carleigh
BR-432 Camille`s A Blast
BR-433 Sarah`s Bridal Shower
BR-434 Dani`s Twisted Purple
BR-435 Stephanie`s Go Lime
BR-436 Emmi & Ollie Go Bananas
BR-437 J.T.`s Ocean Blue
BR-438 Mia`s Brazenberry
BR-439 Ann`s Red On
BR-440 Gold Diggin Tess
BR-441 Skylar`s Magenta Dress
BR-442 TJ`s Blue Suede Shoes
BR-443 Jessica`s Wedding Bells
BR-444 Amelia`s Amethyst
BR-445 Chris`s Green Belt
BR-446 Sheri`s Pistachio Creme
BR-447 Elizabeth`s a Natural
BR-448 Kathy`s Baby Blues
BR-449 Samantha`s Putty
BR-450 Alexandra`s Hot Gray
BR-451 Roberta`s Green Garden
BR-452 Cindy` s Lilac Rose
BR-453 Gianna`s Rockin Blue
BR-454 Lou Lou`s Peachy Creme
BR-455 Sweet Dreams...Carol
BR-456 Rusty Nail
BR-457 Murray Me!
BR-458 Barbara Shops
BR-459 Heavenly Julia
BR-460 Meryl`s Marital Bliss
BR-461 Marlene`s Opalescence
BR-462 Max`s Punkin
BR-463 Bronze Star
BR-464 Icharlie

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