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Brucci Silk Wrap

Protects and mends natural nails that are cracked and split. Real Silk Fibers strengthens nails. To use remove nail polish. Make sure nail is clear. Apply Silk System in horizontal direction. Allow to dry. Apply second coat in vertical direction. When dry, nail polish can be applied. No ridge filler is needed.


Brucci Base Coat

Protects your manicure from everyday wear & tear, which helps prevent chipping.


Brucci Acrylic Top Coat

This top coat is used to seal and protect the manicured nail.


Brucci Miracle Nail Hardener

Miracle Nail Hardener enhances nail growth to develop strong, healthy nails in just 10 days. It helps prevent chipping, cracking, splitting & peeling.

Use the nail hardener as directed and it will SEAL and PROTECT nails with an ultra hard bond. If the nail is splitting, peeling, cracking or chipping Miracle Nail Hardener will help repair the nail and allow the nail to grow long and beautiful. If the nails are curling down Miracle Nail Hardener will strengthen the nails and train them to grow long and straight. If hands
are frequently in water Miracle Nail Hardener will protect the nails from the ravages of water damage.

Directions: Nails should be cleared and round, not pointed. How to Use: Apply one coat Miracle Nail Hardener to surface (brush away from cuticle to nail tip). Wait 10 seconds, apply nail polish, (for extra strength use additional coat Miracle Nail Hardener as a top coat). Use for 10 days as nails become harder use once a week as base and top coat. (If redness or any type of infection occurs discontinue use).

Brucci Calcium Protector 

Vitamin E enriched formula increases natural nail strength and prevents breaking. Apply one coat as base or top coat. Apply two coats if worn alone.


Brucci Rosewood Cuticle Oil

Cuticle care with Rose scent - smoothes and softens dry cuticles. Apply to cuticle area. Massage from nail tip to base. Allow to penetrate then gently push back cuticle. Remove traces of oil before applying Nail Polish.


Brucci 2 in1 Nail Prep

Dual action nail care product that will cleanse and prime nails for a lasting manicure. Hydrates nourishes nail, helps brittle nail to be more flexible and resistant to cracking. Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free. Brush over clean nails & cuticles. Allow to evaporate, repeat. Follow with usual manicure routine.


Brucci 3 in 1 Manicure Sealer

High Gloss Shine extends manicure wear. Can be used as Bonder /Sealer for nail art decals and jewels. For a high gloss shine apply to bare nails or over nail polish. For use with nail art apply one coat underneath nail art to act as bonder and one coat over art to act as a sealer and to protect nail art.


 Brucci 2 in 1 Nail Perfection

Use as a nail smoother under nail polish or wear alone for a natural glow. Apply two coats to smooth ridges before applying nail polish.

Brucci Nail Polish Dryer

Acts as a Top Coat and Dryer in one that dries faster than other leading brands. Helps to prevent chipping and yellowing.



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