Planet Nails remains steadfast in our commitment to our industry and to all our employees, customers, family and friends.

We remain focused on everyone’s well-being and have taken important steps to allow the company to operate and for everyone to remain safe.

 There are still some critical products such as Face Masks, Sanitizers, Disinfectants and Gloves in short supply, but we are trying to restock as soon as possible.

The Shopping Carts will remain operational, but orders will only ship after the lockdown .. from 17th April 2020

No courier service running during the lockdown period for non-essential products. We are still available by email.


Planet Nails is a Wholesaler of Nail & Beauty products to Nail Techs, Salons, Beauty Therapists, ..

Price Increases on Critical Products

These increases are in line with the new Government Regulations from the DTI (No. 11057) as published on 19th March 2020.

Gloves (Nitrile, Vinyl, Latex)
We do have stock currently. There is a limit of 1 box per customer. There have been no price increases on these items. We do expect price increases on our next shipments due to the Rand/US$ weakness.

Masks (2-ply)
These are disposable masks. New stock arriving after lockdown. There will be limits imposed per customer. Pricing will be significantly higher, due to Rand/US$ weakness, increased pricing from the manufacturer in China, and shipping costs that have increased due to the cancellation of most flights from the major airlines that service South Africa(this has resulted in delayed shipments and 3-4x higher freight costs).

Our pricing on these products have increased due to the increase in the cost to provide this product. (setting up of a separate production line with 7 newly employed staff and new equipment). Courier fees are based on weight and this has also significantly added to the cost of the product.


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