Vintage Cracked Polish      

Available in 20 colours. 8ml sizes.

Each colour comes with it's own base & top coat.

This new polish cracks naturally through a process of expanding and contracting. The crack style
depends on various factors, some of which include the thickness of the base coat, the ambient temperature
and shape of the nail.  As a general rule, the thicker the base coat is applied and the higher the
temperature, the greater the effect of expanding & shrinking, making the cracks deeper & wider.


1) Apply base coat evenly on the nail. Allow to dry completely.

2) Apply the colour on top of the base coat, making sure to cover all the base coat.

3) Wait for the polish to dry and then apply 3 layers of top coat to protect the nail.



1) Shake before use .. it is normal to appear white or water-oil separated

2) Keep the product is a dry cool place & avoid sunlight


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