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1 Question : Is delivery included in the price? Answer : It depends on different factors. The best is to contact your sales person at Planet Nails and find out. The amount you order, your location and other factors will all help determine if you will be charged.
2 Question : Why are the prices so cheap? Answer : Planet Nails is a direct importer of nail products. We deal directly with each manufacturer and buy bulk. e.g. Our files come directly from one of the largest file producing factories in the world. They have been making files for 15 years. Minimum orders are for 5000 pieces of each type of file. This means we get the best quality products at the best possible pricing. These savings are carried over to you.
3 Question : What about the quality? Answer : The quality of our items is the same or better than other suppliers. Many items e.g. tips, glue, brushes, acrylic, files, .. etc are far superior and also far cheaper. Why pay over R1 per nail tip elsewhere, when our tips cost only 10c each and look better, fit better and are preferred by top nail technicians?
4 Question : Where do the products come from? Answer : Many items come directly from the USA and the UK. Other items are from Korea and Taiwan. In all cases, we have visited the factories where the goods are manufactured or produced to ensure the quality and standard is equal to or better than other products available.
5 Question : What are the future plans for Planet Nails? Answer : We are busy setting up training schools across Southern Africa and continually strive to become the top nail distributor in South Africa by constantly improving the quality of our products, increasing our stock holding and expanding our range of products. We also plan to attend the Prof. Beauty show in London and other shows, so we can soon start exporting our products to other countries. We appreciate all the support from nail technicians and salons who have helped us to achieve certain milestones.
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