Another area where Planet Nails will save you money & time. Buy bulk and
pay even less. We stock a wide range of high quality files & buffers.
Highly rated and very affordable.


Yellow 4-sided Block Buffer 220grit (fine)

3-Way Fatty Shiner



SnowBlock™ Nail Buffer (USA) 100Grit
• Will not yellow      • High quality material
• Durable grit      • Easy to grip
• Stays bright white to ensure a sanitary-looking product

Purple 4-Sided Block Buffer #120 Grit.
Also available in Glitter Pink.


Purple 3-Way Block Buffer.
Dual Grit - Sanitisable.
Top Seller in USA.

Miracle Shiner.
Produces a Magical High End Polish.
Can be used on Natural Nails, Acrylic, Gel,.. etc.


Neon Files - 100/180 Grit.
Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green.

File Stands - 6 x 6 for 36 files.
Stand for 144 files also available.


Miracle Shiner Buffer.
Same high end polish as the others, ...

Baby Miracle Shiner.
Small version.
Good for Retailing to clients.


Mylar 80/80 Grit Files.

Straight files - Zebra 120/240, White or Black 100/180

Teardrop files - Zebra 120/240, White or Black 100/180

White Large Square Files 100/180 grit

Sanding Sponges 7" Large
Purple (80 grit), Orange (100 grit), Blue (180 grit), White (600 grit),
Grey Halfmoon (220/280 grit).

NOW SANDING SPONGES ALSO AVAILABLE in MINI SIZE 3.5" (purple, orange & blue)

Straight Black Files - Available in 80/80, 100/100 & 100/180 grits.

Glitter Pink 4-sided 120Grit Block Buffer


Keychain files.  With your company name & logo. Min order 1000 pieces @R4 each.

If the teardrop is your file of choice, give this one a try.
These are the made to the highest possible standard & are
the best quality files that exist at present. (worldwide)

This Banana shape file is made to the same high standard as the Teardrop.

Half Moon / Boomerang 100/100 Grit.

Pedicure File - Sanitisable, Dual sided, strong handle.


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