LED Gels

First in South Africa.  From Planet Nails.

Available from your nearest Planet Nails


LED – what is it?   In the past Gels contained a UV photo-initiator which allows the gel to become
hard when exposed to UV (Ultra Violet) light.   LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a new
being used for Gel in the Nail Industry. 
At this time, LED lamps are more expensive than UV Lamps. 

Some gels contain both UV and LED photo initiators.  Clearly, gels from the past e.g. Biosculpture, Calgel, ..
do not cure under LED lamps as these only have UV photo initiators, meaning they can only cure when
exposed to UV light.  In the future
you can expect all gels to cure under LED and/or UV light.

Our colour Ezee-gels are both UV and LED compatible.

Our UV Glaze is only UV compatible, so it won’t cure
with LED lamps

Our Precision UV Gels (in the RED Jars) are only UV compatible and will not cure using an LED lamp.



Benefits of LED

Much faster cure time ..  10-20 seconds   vs   2 minutes.

No need to replace globes  .. 50,000 hour lifetime on LED.

Generates less heat compared to UV  - more energy efficient.

No exposure to UV light, which could cause skin damage.


- Works with UV & LED Lamps
- Soak-Off Formula
- Lasts for 2 weeks or more
- No Chipping
- Available in 24 Colours
-  15ml size
- Available in Clear, White, Light Pink

Easy Application

Buff the Nail, 1 Layer of Base/Top Gel & Cure
Apply the Colour, then Cure, Apply Base/Top Gel and Cure, Wipe


These are the exisiting colours.


NEW - Magnetik Gel Polish 


- Works with UV & LED Lamps
- Soak-Off Formula
- Lasts for 2 weeks or more
- No Chipping
- Available in 33 Shades
-  15ml size

Yellow Magnet Pen – used to draw on the Polish – lines, circles, triangles, letters, ..
Left side darker Magnet – used to create multiple lines on the Polish.
Right side smaller silver Magnet – used to create a single line on the Polish

 One can also use a fridge Magnet or badge Magnet. Stronger/bigger Magnets create the effect quicker.

 The light and angle changes the effect, so it is difficult to capture on a photo.
It is very glossy and looks 3D, like looking into a cat’s eye.
The 2 left side nails were made using the darker magnet.
The right side nail was made using the smaller silver magnet.

Application is easy .. 

Buff the Nail1 Layer of Base/Top Gel & Cure with an LED or UV lamp.
Apply the Colour
, Hold Magnet above the Nail, to Create an Effect, then Cure.
Apply Base/Top Gel and Cure
, Wipe.

Soak Off LED Gels

EZEE-GEL Non-Soak LED Gels

These colour gels are both UV and LED.
If you already use our Ezee-gel Colours, then all you need is an LED lamp.

These and our other colour Ezee-Gels all work with the LED lamps.


Single finger LED lamps.
Battery operated, includes AC adapter, Auto ON function.
Available in White, Pink or Black


No Timer.
Available in White, Green


LED GEL Lamp + Timer
10, 20 & 30 second timer.
Available in White.

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