Sanitizer Spray AntiSeptic 200ml and 1 litre

Sanitize nails before building a new set of nails. Spray the nail plate and wipe with a lint-free pad to remove any dust and/or oil. Sanitizer will also dehydrate and sanitize the entire nail.



Brush Cleaner (100ml & 200ml)

Taking care of your brush will extend its life. Our Brush cleaner is specially formulated to protect the fine hairs on your Kolinsky Brush. One should never use acetone to clean your brush as this will cause damage the hairs.



Finishing Wipe (200ml)

To remove the tacky layer after curing your gel.  Apply using a nail wipe.



Non Acetone (100ml, 1L, 5L)

To remove nail polish.



Acetone (100ml, 1L, 5L)

To remove artificial nail products.



Resin Activator

Used to instantly dry your glue/resin.

NGR-015  50ml incl spray lid

NGR-018  200ml Re-fill

NGR-109  500ml Re-fill

NGR-020  200ml in tin



Anti-Bacterial Soap (500ml, 5L)

Clean nails & hands. Removes germs and bacteria.




Nail Glues

Specially designed for the application of artificial tips.

3gr, 6gr brush-on.

14gr brush-on,  20g resin with 2 nozzles

NGR-010  Spare nozzles

NGR-012  Spare brush cap for 14gr glue




Most of the above contain hazardous materials and are flammable.

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